I was totally thrown off by the WCT. It wasn't that I wasn't prepared, it was how I prepared!

I was using pens, and highlighters to break down scenarios. Whereas at the exam, you can't! My hand started to hurt with the dull pencils, and I spent more time sifting through the information because I can't highlight.

In the end, I was rushing and the conclusion is what failed me. Anyone got tips? Policeprep and Policeready have scenarios, but they are too short and don't represent the real stuff.

I find there are two ways to write the report, but which way are we suppose to?
A) As a Journalist / Third Party
B) As a police officer (or police department)

I find the social media accounts of various police services being a great source of proper report writing. Calgary Police Service, Toronto Police Service etc.

What do you guys do?