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WCT - how many tests?

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  • WCT - how many tests?

    Hi all. First timer...
    Been using this site all the time for my test prep.
    First test coming up in mid Sept.
    Most of my current cop friends have told me its taken many tries to fully get their certificate.
    Call it wishful thinking but I'm doing everything in my power to try and nail this on my first crack.
    Quick question regarding the wct. It says I will have 60 mins to complete this portion of testing. Curious as to how many
    examples I will need to complete in the 60 mins.
    Tests on here are one at a time. Is it just 1 scenario on test day or will there be several?
    I've been trying to be very thorough and have been finishing in around 15-20 mins. Will I need to trim this time?
    Thanks so much for any help, and best of luck to all during their tests.

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    Hi welcome aboard. well, you can do it on your first crack. just so that you know, you have one accident scenario, that is it. you have the entire alloted time to complete. I never used the test examples on here, but practice writing some reports. Determine party at fault, indicate that in your write up to demonstrate your understanding. omit irrelevant information meant to throw you off. work quickly. clearly state driver at fault in conclusion be succinct, and simple, but clear. good luck, tan