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    I've failed the WCT portion of the testing twice now and both times it was for different reasons. I am incredibly frustrated with the lack of feedback given by the ATS. I studied my butt off doing every WCT example on this site atleast 2 twice and still failed. We didn't cover it much in school so I have kind of taught myself from reading the book and doing the practice examples. I was hoping that someone would be willing to help me out, maybe tutor or mentor me for a fee. I would really appreciate it as I thought I aced it this time around.

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    Look up goldenbug a member on this site and pm him maybe he still monitors his account. He was offering WCT help !


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      Rob can sense your frustration, anyone would be. I failed it first time hummer suggests, goldenbug did tutor, but I know for a fact he resides in the Hamilton area. I myself wasn't in the position to drive there for help, but, you may be... good luck. BTW, your frustration is just starting, been fully accredited over a year now, no success as of yet.


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        I have my first round of test in 3 weeks. I've been doing all the PATI practice test and feel comfortable with that part. The only thing that worries me right now is the WCT. I understand what has to be done for it but was wondering if there's a certain order that has to be followed when writing the essay? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
        PATI: Passed Nov 9 2013
        WCT: Passed Nov 9 2013
        PREP: Passed Nov 9 2013
        BPAD: Passed Nov 27 2013
        VISION: Passed Nov 27 2013
        HEARING :Passed Nov 27 2013


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          I am in the same position as you. There is a step by step guide on the police prep WCT area where they list what you have to do in order. I am wondering how long each report should be and if I should include a section such as "other" which will list irrelevant things just to show I am still aware of them if that makes sense?