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    Hi everyone. I have not been on the board in months due to being very busy with work and life. I will make a concerted effort to be on the board a little more. I really like helping people who are struggling succeed.

    The WCT seems to be the one test that confounds and confuses people. The test is somewhat vague for some and subjective. It's the one test that once you get it wrong and get "Does not meet standard" is incredibly difficult to fix. To boot, ATS offers no advice or help.

    In my experience, the WCT is not a hard test. I have helped many (around 100 people over 4 years). Many of these people have attempted to write it two or three times without sucess. There are keys to writing the WCT like not making assumptions, disgarding irrelevant information, organizing a proper fact sheet quickly, etc.....

    When I have mentored people that have not succeeded several times, invariably they have that "Ah Ha!" moment where they know precisely where they went wrong. When it comes to the WCT you have to keep it simple and understand the basic facts.