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  • Question about the test

    Hi guys, I am just curious as to what type of math to expect on the test. Is it just basic stuff or is there algebra on there? Definitely not my strongest subject. Any help greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    Anyone know?


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      Hello. I can not tell you what type of questions are on the exam, nor should anyone else, due to the confidentiality agreement. The best way is to review the RCMP guide for the RPAB, there are sample questions on there, similar to what you can expect, but not limited to. You should familiarize yourself with all types of calculations by obtaining a basic math book. Get into the habit of doing the equations on paper, no matter how long they are. Good luck and keep us posted
      RPAB - Oct 24, 2012.
      Selection Package - Dec 07, 2012.
      PARE#1- Feb 15, 2013.
      RMSI - Apr 15, 2013.
      PARE#2 - July 08, 2013.
      Poly - July 21, 2013.
      Medical - Jan 29, 2014.
      PARE#3 - Feb 21, 2014.
      BGI/SC - June, 2014.
      TROOP 10! (Aug 13, 2014 - Feb 09, 2015)


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        Thanks zaid, will do.