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How to combat the dry air in the gym ???

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  • How to combat the dry air in the gym ???

    Hi everyone,
    I have my peel test coming up soon. I recently went to the peel practice session and found that the air is really dry....while doing the shuttle run my mouth and throat got completely dry!

    I know you need to be hydrated and i did drink plenty water before..

    Has anyone experienced this? Is there a solution?

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    Hall's or cough drop in between persuit and shuttle portion of the testing.


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      Have you tried that? I don't want that to affect me worse....


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        It works fine and yes I do it every time. I've even passed them out to others


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          I have used the halls as well. Works good.


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            I used halls as well worked great


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              best thing to do is drink water whenever possible.


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                Thanks for tips guys, I have my test this Saturday so Im going to try the halls in between the obstacle course and shuttle run. Anything that can help the mind relax and allow your body to do what it need's to do is a plus.


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                  Just passed my prep yesterday!! Wasn't so bad, not as dry as before during the practice times. I also have a couple of things that helped me if anyone is interested in...

                  I used ...

                  At GNC you can get coconut water, its supposed to be a better electrolyte 15% more electrolyte then other drinks ; great for hydration.

                  Also at shoppers you can get stuff called "Biotene" in liquid paste form or "SalivaSure" in lozenges form for relief from dry mouth and for keeping your mouth and throat moisturized. They are found in the toothpaste area.

                  I found these helped me out..


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                    That's great news ahabtoma, I have my Pati/Wct and Prep tomorrow, I'll be at shopper's tonight for sure. Thanks for the tips.


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                      Howd it go?
                      Toronto Police Service


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                        How to combat the dry air in the gym

                        My family moved to the Dallas area from the Rio Grande Valley in 1987, so its been almost 30 years.

                        "My God, has it been that long?"

                        How about the rest of you?