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    Hey guys,

    New to the site, looking to obtain my C.O.R pretty soon to pursue a job with the OPP. I am not worried about the physical portion of the test, I am however seeking help or guidance as to where I can practice exactly what I need to practice without having to waste money on the book, as I heard this was a pretty reputable site. If anyone can reply on here or PM me details on the structure of the PATI, that would be absolutely amazing as I only want to give myself one chance to write this. I know there a lot of post's similar to this, and I know other replies have been to "look around the site" for answers and practice exams, but like I said I am new to this site so I wouldn't know the first place to look. Thanks guys, I appreciate anyone who took the time to read this. Cheers.

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    I'm not sure what's in the book as I have never looked at it. I have used the police prep site and practice test and would recommend it to anyone. I'm not sure if it's a waste of money if it gets you to your ultimate goal of becoming a police officer. If you go into the test not knowing what to expect or what your looking at chances are you will be unsuccessful. I do believe the ministry of corrections web site has some test question examples on it or maybe the oacp web site . Hope this helps and good luck


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      I have written my test 3 weeks ago and failed, I totally underestimated the test and run out of time, mostly due to my lack of practice and for allocating lots of time to one prtion of the test thinking that I would catch up.
      Practicing the test before hand you will identify what you are slow at so you can focus on that and practice that part more, also, you will learn from this that if a part of the test is eating up your time, it might be wise to leave that for the end, once you have all the other sections secured, you can move to the portion you are slow with all the time in the world. At least, this will be my approach when re writing my test in Feb.


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        I did the test at the beginning of November for the first time and passed all the test. The only study tool I used was the police prep site. I did every test in the Ontario section of the web site multiple times. Also for things I didn't quiet understand I actually you tubed it, that was also helpful.
        PATI: Passed Nov 9 2013
        WCT: Passed Nov 9 2013
        PREP: Passed Nov 9 2013
        BPAD: Passed Nov 27 2013
        VISION: Passed Nov 27 2013
        HEARING :Passed Nov 27 2013