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Does someone know how does ATS scores the PATI?

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  • Does someone know how does ATS scores the PATI?

    I am asking this question because I run out of time in my first attempt so I thought guessing the rest of the test would be a good idea. I am wondering if that backfired on me, because maybe the score the test on the amount of answers vs amount correct answers, this will change your percentage considerably if you are guessing 20+ questions.
    In other words, is it better just to answer correctly as many as possible vs marking as many as possible answers?

    I hope I am being clear enough, for instance, this website scores the test on the amount of answers you have given, it gives you the percentage according to your correct answers divided by answers given and not your answers/90 questions.

    Obviously, If I only answer one question and wait for the 90 minutes to pass, it will say 100%, but maybe, ATS has a system for scoring anything beyond the 75% mark, and anything below 50% will automatically fail.

    So, long story short, they make a point at the beginning of the test, right before starting they say 'TRY to answers as many correct answers as possible', I assume they know what the average person can answer in 90 minutes, because unless you are a genius, some calculations require more than 1 minute per question, hence, there is not enough time in the test to answer ALL the 90 question.

    The Pati itself has to be a percentage/average kind of test, the thing is, how do they measure this? and what is the best approach in the case you are running out of time? leave it or is it better to guess?

    Again, how do they measure your percentage, considering no one can answer 90 questions in 90 minutes since most people run out of time.

    Perhaps that is why people fail so much, because they guess 25% percent of the remaining test + incorrect not guessed answers, your percentage goes to the crapper.

    I have practiced the Pati 5 times already and I am getting faster but I never have enough time to do it completely. I seem to run out of time around question 70-75, that is a roughly 15%-25% percent of the test depending where I left at, If I score correctly all my answers, I can achieve 100 percent over 75 question, or guess and be wrong and take a lucky 75% over 90 questions....See the difference?

    I am skeptical about their scoring system and I doubt they have a fair system to measure your score.

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    The way the PATI is marked is the best kept secret . It has never been said on what the score is and how it's marked to meet standard. Keep practicing and your time management will get much better. I have written it twice successfully and had time to spare after answering all. 90 questions

    Good luck


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      thank you. I am getting better indeed, still, I am wondering why so much secrecy around the scoring's one of those things...