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new member, how long should your prep for test?

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  • new member, how long should your prep for test?

    Hi, I am a new member from outside London, Ontario. I was wondering how long everyone prepared for the exam? And are there any 'mature' applicants out there? I am 43 and have heard from an officer friend that older applicants are considered. Anyway I am excited to get started and I am hoping to be ready mentally and physically in 2 1/2 months.


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    I think it depends on how much time you put in to it.
    Use the practice tests here for each section, they are excellent for preperation.
    I gave myelf a 3 month window to get ready and I felt prepared going in to it.
    I cant imagine many who dont use this as prep and go into it not knowing the format, types of questions etc. do very well.
    But i did study pretty hard. Most i spoke with have taken at least 2 or 3 tries, some even more.
    I used that as a little extra motivation and got my results today from my stage 1 testing 4 days ago on Sunday.
    Passed all 3 sections, moving on to stage 2.
    Good luck, the tools are here. If you want it youll get it.
    PS im 36


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      If your using PP study until you feel comfortable with the material, then sign up to go give the PATI a try.

      As for the age question there is a 53 year old recruit at OPC right now so at 36 your a young whippersnapper


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        welcome thud. it's all individual. If you've got the book and feel you have a fairly strong grasp of each of the required tested six areas, you're good to go. but of course you need to pass all of them. eventually. this forum can be very helpful, we're all in it together. some people pass pati wct and bpad all in one take. depends on your comfort level. you are actually at prime age. as a 'mature' candidate myself, and female, you're definitely not one of the only older ones out there. Not gonna tell yu my age tho' good luck thud. keep in touch for any further help.