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Police Prep Test versus the actual thing

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  • Police Prep Test versus the actual thing

    I think Blake mentioned in another thread that the PADI (PATI?) simulations on Police prep are as good or better than the Winnipeg simulation tests. After taking 3 of the Winnipeg ones and just now getting my study guide from WPS in the mail I'd say, not having seen the PADI tests, he's likely right. The PP simulations will prepare you for maybe 50% or the actual test material but in general is way off from the actual test assuming the study guide is a good representation. PP doesn't even mention there is two parts to the WPS testing.

    Just a warning, I'll find out for certain in a few weeks.

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    Maybe this reply will actually post today....

    Exam versus Police Prep simulations? Not super close. Missing many testing subjects etc. I'm not sure it helped me at all.


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      I think it so..And i notice that PP doesn't even mention there is two parts to the WPS testing.
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        For the Winnipeg written exam, I know there is the written portion of the exam but based on what I have read from the comments, there is a second componenbt to the exam. Can anyone tell me what that is and any ideas how to prepare for it?


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          Be confident that your spelling, and grammar is up to speed, along with having the ability to be articulative. If you answer yes to this, then it doesn't really matter what the question asked is.
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            I'm curious to also know if there are any syllogisms and if the math on this website is similar to the math on the Winnipeg Police test.