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  • the ECI interview scoring

    Hello, I have now done this interview twice... that said my first one was 2010 and since then I know where I went wrong with the competencies. I just recently had another one in which I was unsuccessful, I know the pass rate is extremely low like somewhere around 20-30% and when you consider the numbers that actually make it to that stage it's only a few people per intake. Anyways this time around I swear I hit the points in which they score your interview, clearly not high enough. I was wondering if I could get any feedback from people who have experienced it and how they articulated their certain scenarios. I was really assertive in using "I felt, I did, I responded" but at the sametime I felt the interview was a little unfair. This I mean by the recruiters were having to hand-write my answers (are you serious?? hand writing.. we've had laptops for decades). So at times I would have to stop to let them catch up, or I just had to talk really slow.. which sucks because sometimes it doesn't flow as nicely as it normally would at a normal speech rate. Immediately following them catching up a recruiter would go right into a question "how did you.." so this is where I felt it wasn't fair.. if they would just wait I would tell them, then at the end of the interview they told me that if they're asking questions it's normally a bad thing because they're trying to get information out of me. I'm not sure if those last couple sentences made much sense to anyone on the outside world but regardless I am just looking for some input on the next time around, specifically on how they score it if anyone really knows.


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    Hi. If you get ahold of Mark at he will for a rate of course give you a complete answer. He's very knowledgeable. Good luck