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    I was fortunate enough to sail through the APCAT, ACT and A-Prep, but got caught up at the stage 5 BDI.
    I failed and had to re-book the interview and I'm wondering if anyone has tried the BDI interview prep that's offered on this Police Prep site?
    I'm thinking about calling and booking the service, as I've done all that I can do by researching the most common BDI questions and how to answer them.
    I figure, it can only help and at $97 it's not that terribly expensive. Lord knows, I've spent way more than that on personal training sessions to pass the A-Prep...
    Any advice?

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    I think you answered your own question.

    Why not be as ready as you can be?
    Ontario Provincial Police


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      Although I never did hear back if anyone has used the BDI prep service, I thought I would up-date my previous post.

      I decided to use the service and received an e-mail almost immediately after contacting the service provider.

      The gentleman that contacted me was a retired officer from Ontario, who used to work in recruiting.
      He was very easy to talk to, had a great sense of humour and gave me excellent feedback from my previous BDI interview.
      He listened to the areas I struggled with and gave me insightful advice on how to "tweak" my responses to impress the interviewers.

      I just had my second BDI interview yesterday and I was successful this time!

      If anyone is considering this service, I would say go for it, it can only help.

      I also found a book called, "Competency Based Interviews" by Robin Kessler, which I found helpful as well.

      Good luck to you,


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        Congrats! Be sure to post back with your progress!
        Ontario Provincial Police