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  • New applicant questions.


    I recently applied for VPD as that was something that I always wanted to do. App was rejected due to lack of academic credits ( I completed 2 year technical college ). After talking to the recruiters I decided to transfer my app to Jail Guards, and did so.

    My app was accepted there and I received a letter with date for the first written test ( Pre-Entry written examination ).

    My main question is :

    Are there any materials on the net that would help me prepare for this test ? All I have is a week so that is not much time.

    I was also wondering if it;s possible to transfer from begin a Jail Guard after a year or two into vpd, I was told that it;s a possibility but would like to know what you guys think here.

    Any pointers for me as far as the whole process would be appreciated.

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    In VPD, you can't 'transfer' from a Jail S/Cst to Regular Member per se, though you will go through a slightly modified application process (you've already done a written exam and a polygraph). VPD uses the jail guards and the traffic authority as a hiring pool. If you're a good person to work with, this will work to your advantage and come two years time when you reapply for regular member, you'll likely get moved through the process very fast. The other edge of the sword is that if people don't like you, think you're an idiot, etc, you won't get anywhere near a dark navy uniform shirt (at least not one with Vancouver should flashes).


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      ok, good stuff. So in general the advice is "don't be an idiot"

      I think I can get along with people np, the tests bother me though. I spend the last 6 years behind a computer desk and am so out of shape it's not even funny. Trying to do regular runs and doing some pushups/etc.. on daily basis. hopefully this will help.

      I will purchase a GED book today and start on that as well.

      I have less then a week to prepare for all this, I guess it's good and bad.


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        Best advice is start on a plan to get back in shape right now, but recognize it is a long journey and you won't be ready for the Olympics in six weeks. When I started, I would guess that I was more out of shape and overweight than you are. I started out at 335 lbs and barely able to run for four minutes without getting completely winded. When I applied, I was 265 lbs and did the run in 10:38 and POPAT in 3:56.

        Look into a personal trainer that can get you headed in the right direction. I know the VPD fitness coordinator runs a program for applicants as does the YMCA. Guards only need a 4:29 or better on the Popat, which isn't hard to pull off. Then you've got a place to work at getting your time below 4:00 when you apply to be a regular. To the best of my knowledge, guard applicants don't have to do the run, so no pressure there.

        Best of luck!


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          Well, I passed the written and am booked for POPAT in two days. I only have few days so there is no POPAT class I can go to. I'am going for a Jail Guard position so there is no run that I need to do but I'am still kinda freaking out 'couse of no real time to get ready for this.

          Any pointers ? Anyone knows anyone in VPD who would be willing to run me thru this ? I have no problems paying a fee for this service. Send me a PM with contact details if you do know someone.


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            Pacing is the key. So many take off like a rocket and blow through the first lap really fast, but then there are still five more to go. A moderate jog will get you through with an adequate time. By the time you're going over the stairs on the fourth lap, you'll feel like your legs are about to fall off and you'll wish you were dead. Just keep going!


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              Well, I went in to do the POPAT and thought I was prepared having taken 20-30- minute jogs every day and doing 10-20 pushups afterwards....HOW WRONG WAS I !

              I completed the whole thing but by the end of lap 4 I had no strength in my legs at all. That's when I pushed one of the bars you jump over off the supports and lost TONS of time due to having to go back, put it back up and jump over again.

              The push and pull wasn't a big deal even though I was super tired. At the end where you drop and jump over the bar I was so tired and disoriented I didn't know what way was up to be honest lol It was pretty sad.

              I ended up finishing 7 seconds over the time. Having to experience it I'am really happy that I was able to finish it and without puking or falling over on the stairs like few people did.

              What surprised me was that there was only like 3 of us taking the test for the first time and the rest of people were taking it the second or third time.

              I honestly say ; If you want to be prepared you have to be able to do run ( run, not jog, R U N ) for about 4 minutes non-stop and do 30 pushups afterwards without being too tired. If you an do that you're fine, otherwise you'll be exhausted like me.

              I think I was the oldest one there, everyone was in their late teens and early 20's where I'am in mid 30's.

              Overall I'am glad I went, I will be more prepared the next time. You really get the feel that everyone in VPD is part of the team, very positive experience overall. Chief came by, bunch of officers came in and cheered us on, gave tips. Even if I never make it I'am really glad I tried out for it.