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Need help with your popat or pare testing??

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  • Need help with your popat or pare testing??

    Check out Can't beat this!!

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    Re: Need help with your popat or pare testing??

    [quote:3964b66c3b=\"Dman\"]Check out Can't beat this!![/quote:3964b66c3b]$60 for a practice POPAT or PARE? I'm good paying $35 at the YMCA downtown. VPD applicants also have the opportunity to run the POPAT at 312 Main with the VPD fitness coordinator for the steep price of $20.


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      I guess it just depends on what you want. I live out in the valley and am applying with APD. The instructor is with the APD and teaches it at a location 10 minutes from my house. Either way LEPAT is an excellent way to help in your training!


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        Vancouver's practice POPAT is now free to attend. You just call or email them and they put your name on the list. I believe they even run training sessions to get ready for it for a fee.

        Anyways, tried it for the first time and did it in 3m48s. Considering I didn't do anything to prepare for it, I consider that pretty good. I'll send in my application in the new year.