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  • POPAT and JIBC test

    I noticed that this site is somewhat lacking comments from applicants living in B.C. I used police prep to prepare for the JIBC exam. I was scoring over 85% on the practice tests and ended up with a 85% on the nose on the official recruit exam. I cannot stress enough how much police prep helped for this exam!

    I followed the weight program offered by police prep and alternated with days of windsprints instead of following the cardio program- I passed the POPAT on my first official try.....with three seconds to spare mind you (I cloked in at 4min12sec). But still a pass just the same!

    Just wanted to offer some encouragement to those BC residents out there....police prep is worth it!

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    Hi, Colette!
    How similar is the actual JIBC test comparing the test on Policeprep? Do you have any other advice regarding preparation for the actual test (JIBC, POPAT) besides practice the test on this site? I?m planning to apply the Vancouver PD, any information would be appreciated.


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      police prep vs. jibc testing

      I wrote the delta police exam on Dec. 15 and failed by 3 marks. I have scored between 63 to 80% on the police prep tests. I found the memory tests completely different and much more detailed on the Delta tests, they use cm instead of inches and kg instead of pounds and much more detail with regards to the suspects. Anyways I failed but I am writing Vancouver PD tests on Jan 5th.

      Any comments on trying to improve my results?


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        Here's a response for the two of you:

        In addition to the tests on policeprep, I also picked up a GED book and concentrated on the English portions of the test (don't worry about the math, science and social sciences sections). This type of prep book is great if you struggle with the english portion. Another great book is "Police Officer Exam" by Barron (especially good for memory questions). I bought both books from local bookstores.

        On the test for the JIBC, I found the reading comprehension to be the hardest part because the passages are MUCH longer than those on police prep....and more detailed.

        As for memory questions, I memorized license plates and car makes/models while on the road and tested myself upon returning home. I also read newspaper articles that were police related, gave myself 10 minutes to memorize details then quizzed myself.

        I'm not sure if Vancouver includes essays or not. I had to write 2 short essays. I felt really pressured for time so keep your eye on the clock.

        Hope that helps- good luck!

        Maybe see you both at the JI?


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          one more thing

          As for the POPAT- hop on the treadmill- alternate jogging and sprinting (1 minute each) and push alot of weight. Long runs will not help you prepare for the POPAT. For the actual test- remember it is only 4 minutes and 15seconds (at the most)- so give it everything you have.


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            Hey Colette

            Im in Ottawa and just sent in my application for Van PD. Did you do the 12 min run as well? How did you find it? Have you done your interview yet? If so how did you find it? Any info you can give me would be great as I am hoping when I get back to Ottawa from Xmas holidays I might have some sort of reply from VPD.


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              The police departments in Victoria do not use the 12 minute run as part of their recruitment processes, but I do know that VPD does. From what I have heard, the 12 minute run is also used as part of the training at the JIBC. So, running it as part of the recruitment process is not such a bad thing- you'll be prepared at least. But hey- I'm not disappointed that it wasn't a requirement

              As for interviews, I have them early next week so I can't help you on that one either!! All I know is that the interviews I am having are the "screening interviews"- the first of the interviews that I will have to go through. The next step after that is an assessment day at the JIBC. I've been told not to let anyone tell you anything about that day because it can put you at a disadvantage- that advice came from a new graduate of the JIBC. They describe the basics on the JIBC website- that's about all I know!!

              Sorry 'bout that!!


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                Thanks Colette! Maybe after your interview you could let me know how it went and all that.
                Hope it goes well for you!!!
                Thanks again for your help


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                  What about the math questions on these exams, do you know? I'm studying right now for the RPAT (writing at the JIBC on Jan 25th), I'm so worried about the darn math questions. I'm 37 and am having a hard time remembering percentages, fractions etc. I'm doing the stuff right now in practice books, but worrying that come the time of the test I'm going to forget everything.



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                    Hi LJ-

                    I didn't find the math portion to be half bad. Most of the math questions were word problems- and pretty straightforward too. Some of them were very long for only one mark- careful not to waste too much time. Admittedly, I guessed on a couple to avoid wasting time. I took a look at some math questions in a GED book- that was were the math questions on policeprep.

                    Hope that helps- good luck