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Studying for the entrance exam

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  • SPersaud
    Age is just a number. you're never too old to do anything you want, just be confident in your abilities. Instead of looking at the negatives, focus on the positives. You're 44 years old, I'm sure you have a great deal of both life and work experiences to the table. Regarding the studying, you'll only get better at it the more you study. Good luck to you!

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  • lisa536
    started a topic Studying for the entrance exam

    Studying for the entrance exam

    Hi all. I am currently living in Japan, and have been doing so for a long time. When I was home in March I gave my expression of interest and have now got an exam date set for August - the next time that I am home. My math skills are absolutely shocking and I am having an insane amount of trouble understanding syllogisms and wondering if anyone can help me - at least on the syllogisms. I have always been terrible at math and it is like a white blinding light clouds my head, so I expected to have this trouble. Syllogisms though - I am sure that something just needs to click in my brain but it is not happening. I wonder if anyone can help me there.

    Also, I am already 44 so IF I pass I the entrance test - I am a very late starter. A late career change. I am wondering what other people think of applying for something like this at my age.

    Thanks. Hope to hear from someone!