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  • Take note guys and girls!

    While I am not out to 'bash' police and no matter where you go, there is always going to be a percentage of dickheads that tarnish the rep of a given sport, race, suburb, industry, etc. However, it must be said that there is a VERY high level of expectation and scrutinization involved when you are in a postion of authority.

    I think this blog is essential reading for all prospective and current recruits as well as currently serving officers. It should serve as a warning that 'you are being watched' and also as a black-and-white message on how NOT to conduct yourself.

    And minimal committment to clearing out misbehaviour, negligence and indolence. Victims of Qld. police thuggery may like to contact Renee Eaves for informal assistance

    At the same time, it reinforces why, as an officer, you should report everything you see.

    Some of this makes pretty sickening reading...
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