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    Hello Everyone,

    I have been reading a few posts on the police prep website since January.
    I passed my exam, my Pare and Interview. I just completed the polygraph on July 2nd at the headquarters in Surrey, E division.
    I did tell the truth of course but I was so nervous. The first round of question, they ask you to lie on two specific questions which they call "control questions". I just couldn't do it and I said yes instead of no to those questions, it was stronger than me!(Not a good liar obviously)
    The polygrapher was a bit bothered with me because I didn't follow his instructions so I focused very hard on the second and third rounds of questions to get it right. I did apologized to the polygrapher for my mistake. At the end he did shake my hand. Not sure if it's a good sign. I didn't want to ask when I would get the results.
    Anyway, I am wondering how long it will take till I get the result back. The wait is nerve breaking!!!

    Thanks in advance!
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